I love to eat yum cha but I donít like how hectic the big yum cha halls in Sydney are, or fighting with other diners for the last serve of mango pancakes. Where can I have an intimate, calm yum cha experience? Regards, Ted


Intimate, calm yum cha? Dear fellow, this is extremely difficult. The whole point of yum cha is huge tables, children under feet and anxiety — that the yum cha maidens will pass you buy. That said, we can take you away from the enormous palaces and offer you a couple of slightly smaller — shall we say, mansions?

At Marrickville you’ll find Hung Cheung (338 Marrickville Road, Marrickville, Ph 9560 4681), which seats a mere 180 (come on, compare that to The Eight at 600) and offers what our reviewer describes as wonderful yum cha in daggy surroundings.

And if you really want peace (man) there’s vegan and vegetarian yum cha at Bodhi in the Park (Cook & Phillip Park, College Street, Sydney, Ph 9360 2523) where you’ll still get your mango pancakes.

Peace and yum cha,

The Doctor

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