Cuisine: Chinese

Ignore the picture menu and quiz the staff at this interesting northern Chinese restaurant serving food that appeals to Koreans. You’ll find some interesting dishes if you persevere with the limited but not non-existent English: for instance, wasabi beef $28, deep-fried chicken with chilli served with cold noodles $12 and handmade noodles and seafood in blackbean sauce $10–$13 or traditional Chinese noodles seafood veggies in mustard sauce $28. Sounds strange; tastes terrific. Your noodles can be cut up for you — it’s quite normal here; ask the staff. The flavours are honest and straightforward and the service, if sometimes tangled, is genuine and friendly.

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Cuisine: Chinese,Burmese

Both the place and the food are a pleasant surprise, especially if you know little of the food of Burma (Myanmar). The room is warm and friendly if not wildly elegant, and the food, well, it can be a little warmer — not mouth-burning but deep and flavoursome, with some real standout dishes. As it’s a melange of Indian, Laotian, Thai and Chinese flavours, you’ll find dishes — like pae palarta (paratha) $5.50 — that are familiar, only often better. The staff will help you find fascinating specialties such as kone boung $10 and fishcake curry $8.50. And wait, there’s more. The menu has recently expanded. There’s not much in the way of desserts but you probably won’t have room, anyway. Thoroughly recommended.

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Cuisine: Chinese,Burmese,Indian

Take a regional tour of Indian cuisine in this elegant flower-strewn restaurant, with dishes from Kerala, Goa, Madras and Rajasthan. Start in Kerala with a coconut-spiced fried fish dish, varutha meen $8.80, then maybe stay with fish for Madras fish-head curry $14.50 or a hot vindaloo curry $14 from Goa or jardaloo boti, a sweet and sour beef curry garnished with apricots $14, a favourite of the Parsis in Mumbai. There are offerings from the claypot, beef and lamb curries and a wide selection of vegetarian options, with vegetable jalfreezi $10.90 one of the most popular. Banquets start at $21 a head. As befits hotel-trained restaurateurs, the service is excellent.

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