Cuisine: French/Modern French

A charming artwork of can-can dancers is the eye-catcher in this kitsch restaurant, upstaged only by the food. There’s also the ebullient personality of chef/owner Philippe Lebreux who, when he’s not mingling with diners, cooks textbook French. That’s to say, it’s kept within the parameters of tradition (note: icecream will not be served with your crepe Normande $15.50 because that’s not done in France). French onion soup $9.50 is richly flavoured and topped with a crispy baguette and melted gruyere cheese, while mains are meat focused and excellent value. You might be served a lemon sorbet palate cleanser before they arrive. Rack of lamb is roasted and finished in a mint and port wine sauce $21.50 or choose from the seasonal specials board. The food here harks back to an era when cooking was less about heart health and all about flavour.


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