Cuisine: Vegan/Vegetarian

We can’t remember a time when Harvest wasn’t nestled deliciously on Evans Street. It has actually been there for 36 years, 17 under the current ownership. What is interesting is that there aren’t more like it — vegetarian fine diners, that is. What you get here is superb meatless meals, such as a three-mushroom ravioli $12.50 as a starter, or a twice-cooked goat’s cheese soufflé $14.95. Mains can be vegetarian, such as risotto cakes with roasted red pepper $21.50 or vegan (marked with a V) — such as Harvest curry $22.50. But desserts is where vego chefs can go crazy — no animals at this end of the menu — so there are delights like Frangelico and Cointreau dark and white truffles $13.95 and apple and berry nut crumble $12.50.

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