Cuisine: Asian,Vietnamese

New and striking decor and an extensive wine list are the first surprises; the second is that, while it claims to be Vietnamese, the menu also borrows from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and China. There’s no identity crisis in chicken wings stuffed with lovely Vietnamese herbs and textures $11, or in roasted duck salad, succulent duck meat tossed with mint, coriander and chilli $18. Chilli-salted softshell crab $23 is a special for a reason — it’s crispy and mouth-watering and it’s nice that you can have it alongside Malaysian char kway teo, flat rice noodles, sausage, chicken and vegetables stirfried in oyster sauce and shrimp paste $14, or perhaps a Thai tom yum noodle soup with chicken $14. Don’t try to pigeon-hole it — just enjoy.

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