Cuisine: Italian

A great big welcoming wooden door flanked with potted red geraniums beckons you inside this out-of-the-way homestead. The antipasto plate, $12 per person, is arranged with fresh morsels, including Sicilian olives, salami and crumbed mushrooms. There’s a big emphasis on housemade ingredients, from the warm, crusty focaccia to the tagliatelle. The small a la carte menu changes regularly, so it’s good to ask the staff for advice on today’s best offerings. If it’s on, the zuppetta (soup) of fresh tomatoes, molluscs and swordfish $33 served with crusty bread is perfect for the colder months. Pasta might be a simple linguine with braised fennel and tomatoes $24 or a more complex green rocket gnocchi with snapper and black olives $25. Mains are homely, such as beef fillet with marinated pumpkin and rocket, drizzled with an amaretto reduction $28. Everything is seasonal and wonderfully traditional.


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