El Amigo is a new family-run Peruvian restaurant set in a very old-school milk bar. They still ply the milk bar trade weekdays, but also sell homestyle Peruvian food for lunch and on Sunday from noon-7pm. We tried their ceviche $17.50, Higaldo Encebollado — beef liver with tomatoes, onions and chunky chips $10 and the aji de gallina, chicken stew in a nut-based creamy sauce with potatoes and rice $12. The wait was pretty long (these guys aren’t customer service pros) but the flavours made up for it and the number of Peruvians here is a good sign. Everyone also seems to drink highlighter-yellow coloured Inca Cola, and their purple corn drink isn’t bad either. Try the crisp Peruvian doughnuts picarones $5 to finish. It’ll be good to see where they go with this.

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