Cuisine: Thai

It’s hard to find a well-priced Thai restaurant that’s doing something different out in the burbs. You can still get your moneybags $8.90 and chicken with chilli and basil $17.90 here, too, but some more interesting ingredients add texture and flavour to stock standards. Plain old cashews are upstaged by crushed macadamias, sundried mango and snowpeas in a mango chicken stirfry $18.90, and again in the house-recipe kung-gai stirfry with chicken, prawns, sundried tomato and pinenuts $21.90. (Is there an Italian hiding out in the kitchen?) Yet another example sees sundried fig stirfried with lamb $19.90, while king prawns sauteed in chilli jam, coconut milk, lime and ginger $21.90 is the ultimate prawn cocktail. All the fruit kills the need for sweets but there are some on the specials board.

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