Cuisine: Pakistani,Halal

Owner Chaudry M. Javed wears his admiration for the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, on his sleeve — and the walls of his restaurant. The food, like Jinnah and Mr Javed, is also Pakistani, which means rich and robust flavours as in bhindi gosht lamb with okra $15.90 and the complex taste of the paya of beef shanks cooked overnight in spices $17.90. Aloo gobi $13.90 is a dish of potatoes and cauliflower cooked, the menu tells us, “mother” style. And for dessert there’s the sublime suji (semolina) halwa $5 or kheer lahori rice pudding $5, Mr Javed’s other passion. Cricket is also displayed on the walls, so while you are eating there is much to examine. Come with a team.

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Cuisine: Pakistani,Halal,Portuguese

Curiously enough, this restaurant is slightly outside the Little Portugal area but still muito Portuguese, right down to the Laminex tables, which seem to be there as an afterthought to the takeaway section. But the food is solid, simple and abounding in flavour. You like garlic? There’s a great espetada $24 —  that’s cubes of marinated steak on a sword for the uninitiated —  a gutsy pork ribs with those Portuguese shoestring chips $22, or try pork alentejana $24, pork with clams. Grilled chicken — or grilled anything — with piri piri sauce and more of those chips, $8.50, $10 or $17 depending on the size of your bit of chook, is a popular choice to go or to eat in. There’s not a huge selection but it’s all well done and good value. If you’re still hungry, try a chocolate or caramel mousse $5.50 or a Portuguese tart $2, or two. 

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