Cuisine: Chinese

You’ll find it in Castlecrag’s shopping village, in the corner, unassuming and a bit daggy looking, but people don’t come here to critique the interior design. Duck is the hero here, whether you go for the traditional variety or a unique smoked version $55.80, which you must pre-order. Pre-ordering is the way to go for other specialties, too, such as beggar’s chicken $60.80, a whole chicken stuffed with pork, wrapped in lotus leaves and encased in crispy bread dough, as well as fried fresh meat buns $24.80 and seafood dumplings $24.80. Walk-ins don’t miss out, though: the plump and soft pan-fried meat dumplings $18.80 are just right, as is salt-and-pepper flounder, market price. Depending on what you order, there can be a lot of action at your table with waitstaff cutting and dividing various dishes up between the members of your group.



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