Cuisine: Chinese

There is something excellent about this Chinese and that’s the yum cha and the prices. Plates range in price from $3.50 to $9.50. We love lo mai gai, chicken and pork mince with rice wrapped in lotus leaf, for its spicy and herbaceous flavours, and crispy rice noodle rolls freshly pan-fried with a great mix of peanut and sweet sauce. Night brings out grander menu options, with seafood featuring strongly. Spicy and salty king prawns, $24.50 each, are finger-licking fresh. Another winner is tofu pockets stuffed with mushroom $17.50 — inflated to bursting point and deliciously moist, with sauce drizzled over a bright green serving of broccoli. Service is a bit hit-and-miss and decor is nothing exciting, with views over the shopping centre carpark. Simply soak up the authenticity and be sure to pop into the community kitchen garden on the way out.


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