Cuisine: Chinese

The fidelity of locals to this northern Chinese restaurant for more than a decade is a good sign. They can’t stop coming back for prawns with salty egg yolk, deep-fried morsels of battered prawn in a seasoned, yolky sauce $24.80. Pippies in spicy XO sauce $28.80 are rich in flavour; if only there were more of that delicious seafood-flavoured juice for the rice to soak up. Even that old favourite Mongolian lamb $22.80 is worth a look: tender, garlicky and a bit sweet. Don’t leave without ordering deep-fried icecream $4.80 — it’d be wrong if you did. The decor is pretty plain, but you’re here for the food. The staff are pleasant and as authentic as the cuisine.


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Cuisine: Chinese,German

When your “hungry Viking” mood strikes, go to Rhinedorf. You’re sure to find a giant knuckle to chomp on and a giant beer to go with it. Said knuckle might be a kalbshaxen, a whopping chunk of braised veal that falls easily off the bone, served with red cabbage and well-seasoned potatoes $26. A little less daunting is a chicken haehnchen schnitzel $21.50. Atlantic salmon with dill cream, artichokes and mash is about as dainty as it gets. Checkered tablecloths and German bed-and-breakfast-style wooden furniture add to the authentic atmosphere, as does a serve of housemade apple strudel $8.50 to finish. Liqueur lovers might enjoy a Kahlua cream dream $10, vanilla icecream smothered in Kahlua butterscotch sauce with a savoiardi (ladyfinger) biscuit, or perhaps a schnapps.

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