Cuisine: Vegan/Vegetarian 

Address: 395 King St, Newtown, Australia

Phone: 02 9557 0456

  • Value


  • License

    BYO, $1.50 per person

  • Entertainment


  • Wheelchair Access


  • Hours

    7 days 5pm–10pm

  • Outdoor Dining


  • Private Dining


  • Views

  • Functions


  • Venue Size

    Seats 40

  • Bar / Lounge


  • Payment Type


Cheap Eats Review

If mock meat is an alien concept to you, this casual and cheerful family-run business is just the place to get acquainted. Vina helps refute the claim that vegetarian food is boring or bland with dishes such as sweet-and-sour beancurd served with seasonal vegetables and pineapple chunks $15. No visit should pass without sampling one of the many mock meat options, though, carefully made with beancurd and spices according to very old Buddhist tradition. Passionate steak-eaters and dedicated vegetarians alike will be intrigued by the textures and flavours of the “chicken” and “fish”. Served with vermicelli and salad, build-your-own ricepaper rolls $16 are as entertaining to eat as they are delicious. Most menu items, including the savoury Vina pancake $14, are generous and designed to be shared.


Full Address

395 King St, Newtown, Australia

Directions: From Newtown Station walk left on King St. A 2-minute walk.

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