Cuisine: Thai  Vegan/Vegetarian 

Address: 182 King St, Newtown, Australia

Phone: 02 9550 5234

  • Value


  • License

    BYO, corkage $1.50

  • Entertainment


  • Wheelchair Access


  • Hours

    Lunch & dinner 7 days

  • Outdoor Dining


  • Private Dining


  • Views

  • Functions


  • Venue Size

    Seats 50

  • Bar / Lounge


  • Payment Type

    No cards

Cheap Eats Review

Here’s another vegan restaurant, so nothing with a face, no garlic, no onion, but you can bring a bottle of wine. And another good thing for most diners is they can order fish gut soup $6.50 and know there’s not a trace of fish gut. All the pads are lined up, including pad prik king with gluten “duck”, lime leaves and curry paste $15. There’s green, red, massaman and penang curries, among others, all $15 and all with soy meat. Papaya salad $15 and the crispy duck in the duck salad is scarily duck-like visually and texturally. There is, of course, a long Buddhist tradition of vegetarian food in Thailand (and Vietnam, for that matter), so these recipes are tried and tested. And they taste terrific.


Full Address

182 King St, Newtown, Australia

Directions: From Newtown Station, turn right into King St. An 8-minute walk.

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