Cuisine: Indonesian 

Address: 61 Todman Ave, Kensington, Australia

Phone: 02 9663 3410

  • Value


  • License

    BYO, no corkage

  • Entertainment


  • Wheelchair Access


  • Hours

    Lunch & dinner 7 days

  • Outdoor Dining


  • Private Dining


  • Views

  • Functions


  • Venue Size

    Seats 45

  • Bar / Lounge


  • Payment Type

    No cards

Cheap Eats Review

At first it doesn’t seem right. Here, in your hand, is a perfectly normal-looking fried chicken drumstick. The first bite reveals skin that has an almost supersonic crunch and flesh made tender thanks to an eight-hour stint in a pressure cooker. The second bite will include the thigh bone, but you won’t nibble around it; you’ll munch right through. Soft-bone fried chicken, or ayam goreng tulang lunak $8, is a must at this tiny Kensington restaurant where you write your order on the supplied pad, fetch your own cutlery and pour your own drinks (it’s BYO, including wine glasses if you don’t want to sip from plastic cups). Duck $10 also gets the soft-bone treatment. There’s little in the way of light green salad, so be prepared for a meat-athon. It’s worth it. 


Full Address

61 Todman Ave, Kensington, Australia

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