October 2010

Look out for broad beans now while they’re young and tender. As soon as we get a spell of serious heat they’ll toughen up, but now they’re at Bistrode served alongside lamb rump and harissa. Asparagus season is in full swing and that lovely vegetable features widely on Altitude’s impressive vegetarian menu. It’s part of a salad with confit tomatoes and toasted almonds and shows up again in a feuillete with celeriac accompanied by potato and truffle emulsion.

On their carnivorous menu there are plenty of good vegies too. The globe artichoke season is short but they’re on at Altitude with Rangers Valley sirloin, butter-poached snails and bone marrow. Now’s the time for baby turnips, which work well here with roast suckling pig, apple and barley jus.

Cauliflowers won’t be around for too much longer but there are still firm, creamy-headed beauties to be had. There’s a cauliflower mousse with fresh peas and snowpea tendrils served with vanilla smoked scallops at The Terrace on Pittwater.

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