December 2011

The rain, as with cherries, has hit asparagus and we’ll be out of avocados by the end of December. But zucchini are gorgeous, as are eggplants — look for bright, shiny, firm ones with a cleft in the “bum”.

The good news is Australian garlic — more growers growing more garlic and big heads with firm, juicy cloves. We’re getting to the point where we might even have enough to dry and see us through the year.

And as for tomatoes — we’ll have Sydney oxhearts until the end of the summer and good heirlooms, which are hard to find but worth the hunt (if you’re at Eveleigh Market look for the Sorbello stand).

And, of course, there’s beetroot. Back at La Disfida, they’re roasting the babies in the wood-fired oven and dropping them into a salad with rocket, cress and buffalo mozzarella. Try them also with boiled chat potatoes, capers and lemon mayo. 

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