August 2010

Although we’ve always known market forces affect commodity prices, we’re seeing it played out in technicolour in the meat world right now. After what seems like years of astronomical lamb prices, many people have given up on it and moved to alternatives such as beef and veal. As a result of this fall in demand for lamb, its prices have also fallen a bit recently and the other meats have increased their market share.

There’s no shortage of lamb on Abhi’s menu, though, and it comes in all kinds of cuts. Minced and mixed with black pepper, green chilli, mace, ginger and coriander, it makes fine seekh kebabs. For hariyali chops, the cutlets are marinated in green masala paste and tandoor-roasted.

Beef shows up in a rich, slow-cooked nihari dish with almonds, turmeric, star anise and saffron. The scotch fillet remains popular at Brown Sugar served with green beans, slow-roasted tomatoes, red wine butter and potato wedges.

Beef ribs are becoming more popular and Rockpool Bar & Grill does them on its woodfired rotisserie, serving them with herby, garlicky chimichurri sauce.

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