August 2009

Aussie goats are hot right now and prices are climbing steadily. Not just because more of us are discovering how good it can be, but because they’re loving our bearded little friends in the Caribbean, Taiwan and the US. Still, it’s always good value at Mui Huong Goat (314 Victoria Rd, Marrickville) where they serve little else. We like it in a big brothy pho-type soup with noodles, but check it out curried at the lavishly decorated Pakistani favourite, Jinnah’s.

Pork prices are steady for now, so it’s a good time to try it in that Filipino homestyle classic, adobo. Bahay Kubo might be lacking in atmosphere, but what they can do with a pork shoulder, some soy, bay leaves and a splash of vinegar makes up for a lot. And their sisig is fantastic. It’s a jumble of sizzling diced pork belly with chilli and garlic on a hotplate topped with a raw egg, which quickly cooks in the dish’s heat. And for a pork dish with wintry accompaniments, try the slow-cooked pork belly at Deus with brussels sprouts, pumpkin, borlotti beans and mustard fruits.

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