July 2009

Praise be, lamb prices have come down just a tad in recent weeks, everywhere except WA, which is great because this cold weather equals lamb weather for many of us. It doesn’t always have to be slow-braised to get the juices flowing; diced up with tomato, chilli and capsicum it makes a fine filling for the pide at Enmore’s Sultan’s Table. Or mixed with cheese and egg it’s a more sustaining pide option. If you can’t mix your proteins in the dead of winter, when can you?

But just so nobody gets over-excited about easing lamb prices, cattle prices have firmed. There’s less of it going to market thanks to recent rains across the state, so supply is down, which pushes prices up. Still, a good piece of sirloin steak remains great value at Madeira Grill, served with chips, salad and a fried egg on top.

Rabbit farming is a booming industry, especially since the calcivirus decimated the wild population  over a decade ago, and this tender white meat is appearing on menus everywhere. Try it pressed into a terrine with prunes, pistachios and almonds at Sails in Lavender Bay.

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