March 2009

Recent rains have watered plenty of pasture, so lamb is good from everywhere except Victoria where grazing lands have burnt in the recent bushfires.  Lamb’s not always a big mover on Chinese menus unless you go to a Uighur restaurant, serving the food of the Turkic Muslims of China’s northwest. Uighur Cuisine shows Middle Eastern influences with its lamb kebabs and gosh nun, a minced-lamb pastry that’s similar to Turkish gozleme.

Obviously, there’s no pork on the menu there, but there’s plenty in other Chinese joints nearby and, with the rains up north making grain cheaper, pork might be better value than usual. At the Chinese Noodle Restaurant you’ll find a hot, rich sauce of minced pork adorning a pile of handmade wheat noodles served cold with pickled cucumber. It’s a wacky combo of temperatures and textures but, believe us, it works.

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