April 2009

Late-season raspberries have hit the market, so keep an eye out for them in the apple and berry compote at waterside café, Thelma and Louise. New-season apples have started and are the star ingredient in Maitre Karl’s traditional apple strudel. They serve it with a creamy vanilla sauce and vanilla icecream.

Passionfruit is cheaper than it has been in a while and is shown off beautifully at Pompei’s in the biodynamic yoghurt and passionfruit icecream. Strawberries, which have just dropped in price, turn up in a sorbet here, too, as do the last of summer’s fragrant nectarines. The milk and cream George Pompei uses are organic and the icecream and sorbet flavours as true to type as you’ll find.

The farms up north have dried out after the recent floods, so farmers can now get back into them with their tractors. We’re now seeing plenty of cheap limes, the juice of which is key to the tangy tofu larb salad at popular Petersham spot, Ploy Thai.

Rhubarb’s continuing in good condition and Rozelle’s La Grande Bouffe is transforming it into an excellent crème brulee. The tang of the rhubarb works a treat with the crisp toffee topping.

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