October 2009

We found out something from chef Javier Carmona at The Codfather. Latchet is sometimes passed off as flathead! Now, that just goes to prove what Stephanie said last month about the “once humble” flathead: it’s a fish that’s getting a bit up itself. Javier proudly serves latchet as latchet, fried, with chips.

It’s not strictly seasonal and not always available, but when you see mahi mahi on a menu, lunge at it. It’s a firm, flavoursome fish treated simply but beautifully by Michael Nash at the Manly branch of Garfish, where it’s rubbed with the special Garfish herb mixture (made for them by Herbie’s) containing stuff like sumac, lemon myrtle and lime leaf, fried in oil and butter and served with roasted asparagus, blood orange and aioli.

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