March 2009

We’re spoilt for choice at this time of year with summer’s best fish still in good supply. Even farmed barramundi, which is popular for its consistency, is particularly good now thanks to the warm weather; watch those barras slim down as the cool weather approaches. Cottage Point Kiosk is poaching this versatile fish in a spicy coconut sauce and serving it on a banana leaf with steamed basmati and coriander chilli salsa. Bathers Pavilion is also using it, pan-fried, and hinting at the onset of autumn by serving it with Puy lentils and roasted cauliflower.

Mussels are also in great condition right now. They tend to be a bit shabby around October when they spawn, but with that now well behind them, they’re firing along on all their juicy cylinders. Next door in the more casual café part of the Bathers Pavilion operation, they’re serving black mussels from Spring Bay in Tasmania, cooked with garlic and cream, accompanied by chips and salad.

Snapper’s a summer fish and we’re seeing plenty of the pink variety from New Zealand, South Australia and NSW.  Lakeside Fish Markets in North Narrabeen are using New Zealand pink along with their usual flathead and bream and will batter, crumb or grill fillets to order.

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