August 2011

Broccoli and cauliflower, zucchini, swedes and turnips are the stars this month. Parsnips are, too, but they’re expensive. The broadbeans have started, along with all the winter leaves — cavalo nero, Swiss chard, kale and mizuna. There are Spinosi artichokes from Victoria and plenty of Jerusalem artichokes, Brussels sprouts, excellent avocados and, if you’re lucky, New Zealand yams — now grown here.

At Bambini Trust (185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, Ph 9283 7098) chef Oliver Carruthers is serving John dory with raw shaved artichokes, celery hearts and kale.

At Berta (17 Alberta Street, Sydney, Ph 9264 6133) O Tama Carey is tossing a salad of Brussels sprouts, pickled and also deep-fried, with inner leaves finely chopped and served on top with parmesan and extra-virgin olive oil.

Thanks to Matt Brown of Matt Brown’s Greens and Damian Galluzzo of Galluzzo & Sons.

Image: Getty

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