August 2011

Custard apples are good and plentiful, as are strawberries from Victoria, blood oranges and Sevilles (get into the marmalade making) and all the mandarins are rolling through. Pineapples are excellent, there’s plenty of rhubarb around (best in winter), tamarillos are coming in and gorgeous apples and pears — Buerre Bosc, D’Anjou and honey are plentiful.

At Black Star Pastry (277 Australia Street, Newtown, Ph 9557 8656) head pastry chef Buster Brown is poaching pears in white wine syrup on a frangipane tart made with natural almond meal and glazed. At weekends, there’s a Golden Delicious apple tarte tatin.

At Yellow Bistro patisserie, Lorraine Godsmark is also using pears — Williams or Josephines — to make a pear and cranberry spice cake, which is a bit like an upside-down cake with the pears on the bottom of the tin covered with a financier batter with chopped hazelnuts and almonds — and some honey to keep it moist.

Over at Cotton Duck (50 Holt Street, Surry Hills, Ph 8399 0250), Jared Ingersoll is doing a mandarin and cashew cake topped with mandarin curd, with fresh bay-leaf sauce and rosemary flowers adorning the cake.

Thanks to Matt Brown of Matt Brown’s Greens and Damian Galluzzo of Galluzzo & Sons.

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