What Italians?

February 2010

We turned up a bit early for our booking at Ortolan, so slipped into the pub next door for a drink. “Campari and soda, please,” I said innocently — remember, this is Marion Street, Leichhardt. “We don’t have any,” said the bloke behind the bar in a defiant sort of way, adding, “and we don’t sell it at the bottle shop, either.” Mama mia, Leichhardt, if you hadn’t noticed, has changed. Just up from the very French Ortolan is a Lebanese joint — and so it goes. You’ll have to go to Haberfield and Fiva Docka for Italian food. Except for a few Leichhardt standouts, namely Elio (159 Norton Street, Ph 9560 9129), Osvaldo Polletti (148 Norton Street, Ph 9560 4525) and Grappa (Shop 1, 267–277 Norton Street, Ph (02) 9560 6090), which are still flying the red white and green. Before you inundate me with more, those are my favourites, but I’m open to persuasion.

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