Top Aussie Cheeses

September 2009

The Australian Specialist Cheese Association held its annual awards in Melbourne in August, and the Grand Champion this year was the National Foods Red Square washed rind. Gold medals went to (among others) Jannei Goat Dairy for their Buche Blanc fresh curd and their Bent Back fresh curd marinated cheese; to King Island for their Seal Bay triple brie and Milawa Cheese for the Milawa brie; to Maffra, Ashgrove and Warrnambool for their cheddars; and to Meredith for their Sheep Blue. Chief Judge Ian Robarton noted, “We seem to be moving back to the cheeses we ate as children. There were a lot of cheddars in this show — up from 5 last year to 30 this year, but particularly good cheddars, cloth-wrapped and full of flavour. The overall general quality was pretty good and this year also saw quite a few good, strong blues — we’re moving away from the high-fat blue cheeses to the good, strong, gutsy ones.” And about time, too. Go to for the full list of winners.

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