To Berlin with Simon

April 2008

What is this - Sydney Eats or Athens Bilbao Berlin Eats? Well, let’s take off for a while. Simon Marnie, the ABC’s resident food lover (Weekends with Simon, 702 ABC 6am–noon Saturday, 10am–noon Sunday) took off with his family to Europe for our summer, their winter, and had some interesting eating experiences. In Berlin, he ate at punk restaurant (and club) White Trash Fast Food in the Mitte District. "I enjoyed seeing my son order the Marquis de Fuck Burger with Fuck You Fries," Simon told us. The restaurant is in what was once a classy Chinese joint favoured by communist bigwigs — but they’ve chucked out all the Ming vases and filled the niches with big bottles filled with eyeballs and stuff. The great thing about Berlin, he said, is that pork crackling is the main course at many places. Ooh yeah.

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