July 2010

ast month I mentioned three new places in ThaiTown on Pitt Street. Late last month, I ate at one of them, Sukjai (415 Pitt Street, no phone). And I’m pleased to tell you that, first, the food is terrific; second, the décor is as loony inside as it appears from the outside; and, third, it’s open late. More, please. We rolled in around 10pm and were seated among all the Thai students and oohed and aahed at the walls while waiting for the food. One wall is a cartoon of an airplane with clouds in the window and flying creatures, the other a jumble of crazy paintings. Owner Kwan told me she and her artist friend Hern designed it — if that’s the word — and that it’s pretty normal for a Bangkok restaurant. Hmm. Must get back there. We had what was on the menu as Thai kedgeree, a soupy rice with garlic, celery, calamari, prawns and fish; and kenom jean namya, minced fish balls and vermicelli, sort of a Thai pho. All the dishes we ate had that mix of sweet, sour, bitter, hot and crunchy in balance — the Thais call it rot chart — and it reminds you how much SydThai food is just gluggy and sweet. Next month, Thanon Khao Sai.

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