Success story

June 2010

I’ll end on a heart-warming tale from the golden west. I’ve mentioned Shaun and Willa Arantz’s restaurant Racine (42 Lake Canobolas Road, Nashdale, Ph 6365 3275) before. They’re giving it a red hot go in a part of the country where people have, on the whole, deep pockets and short arms. And what with the GFC and the Jan-March slump they thought they might have to cut and run. But, no, these two are made of sterner stuff. They started up Racine Kitchen, a baking business that filled a market gap: no decent bread their side of the Blue Mountains, which they retail through local business, Slice of Orange. And did it take off.

“Canowindra on a Friday morning,” writes Willa, “resembles a Russian bread queue circa 1933 … people swarm Shaun as he enters with trays of fresh bread, lemon tarts, brownies and croissants.” Buoyed up by this success they whipped off the table cloths and left the Gaggenau glasses in their racks for Thursday and Friday lunches when nothing on the menu is over $20 — and those deep-pocket locals are swarming in. “Now,” says Willa, “our only problem is how to explain the café to the tourists who want the fancy stuff on Thursday and Friday lunch.” Good on you, chaps.

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