Speaking of sensational new drinks

December 2008

Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I? I invented it. I call it the Gin & ThaiTonic (those Thais do love a good pun). It’s dead easy to make and takes the old G&T to a new level of loveliness. Put four cubes of ice in a highball glass. Take one makrut lime — those incredibly fragrant and flavoursome knobbly limes we used to call kaffir limes until we learnt “kaffir” was a nasty word. Roll the lime around between your palms to loosen up the cells within, then slice it in half, then half again. Squeeze the juice from one of the quarters over the ice cubes, pour in a jigger of gin, then fill with tonic. Throw the squeezed quarter in after scraping the skin a little to release even more oils and flavour. Enjoy, maybe with a pack of Aussie-made bhuja from Majans. Chin chin.

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