Sichuan invasion

March 2010

What’s with the sudden influx of Sichuan restaurants in Sydney. Walking up Goulburn Street a while ago, I noticed yet another one where there used to be a pinball parlour, Spicy Sichuan Restaurant (2 Cunningham Street, Ph 9211 4900), a big place over two storeys and a sister to the Glebe Spicy Sichuan (1–9 Glebe Point Road Ph 9660 8200), which shouldn’t be mistaken for the one just down the road, Red Chill Hotpot (15 Glebe Point Road, Ph 9518 5328), not long ago reviewed favourably by the big paper. There are five more in Chinatown proper (including Shancheng Hot Pot, which doesn’t call itself Sichuanese), another in Ashfield and the original Szechuan Garden (with the old spelling in St Leonards). This is beyond a trend — it’s  a movement, or an invasion even.

Wait for the next one: Dongbei or northeastern Chinese food — the New York Times lists five restaurants.

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