Seafood school swims away

February 2010

f you haven’t seen the new Michael McCann-designed Sydney Seafood School at the Sydney Fish Market (Bank Street Pyrmont, Ph 9004 1111) now’s your chance. The autumn classes run from March to June, kicking off with a Chris Manfield (Universal) class and also moving on to lessons from such luminaries as Giovanni Pilu (Pilu at Freshwater) and Matt Moran (Aria). You can find the entire program — and more shots of the school — at

You really do have to see it to believe it, as with most McCann creations. Highlights include the Madagascan marble bench out front crawling with mollusc fossils and the McCann designed and built lightbulb chandeliers in the dining room — 6000 bulbs in all, held in hand-dyed (by McCann) fishing nets. The working kitchens are a thing of beauty with the latest Fisher & Paykel ranges, the walls graffitied with recipes — for stock and prawn cocktails — and detailed drawings of denizens of the deep. A terrific addition to Sydney’s food scene. Hearty congratulations to director Roberta Muir and the board of the Sydney Fish Market for coughing up.

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