Seafood and eat it

January 2009

It’s not often I endorse packaged pre-prepared food, but in this instance I’ll make an exception. Market Pride is the brand name for a range of products made from fish and seafood from the Sydney Fish Market. What’s remarkable about it is, first, that it’s owned and marketed by the Fish Market, second, that it uses seafood and byproducts of the market that would normally be chucked out, and, third — and here’s the kicker — it’s really good.

And there’s a Sydney Eats connection here, we’re proud to say. One of our reviewers, Brigid Treloar, is responsible for this quality and the design of much of the range.

Of the Market Pride products we’ve tried, we particularly loved the Prawn Bisque, the Seafood Chowder, the Seafood Gazpacho and the Seafood Laksa. There seems to be a division of opinion about some of the seafood sausages with the exception of the Atlantic Salmon and Silver Warehou version, which everyone loves.

But it’s a large range and especially welcome during holiday time when the beach calls and the idea of whipping up a prawn bisque holds little allure. Indeed, the very good fish stock and/or prawn stock are all you need to make a simple version of bouillabaisse of Spanish zarzuela with leftover Christmas seafood. For a retailer near you, go to

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