June 2008

Down at Chippendale’s Bar Mattino (96 Abercrombie Street, Ph 9699 1442), one of our favourite chefs Sebastian Tyson is doing his famous Sunday roasts. He alternates lamb, beef and pork, but there’s always chicken and you can have one for $19 or a mixed plate for $21. And if you can finish one of Sebastian’s servings, you’re a proper trencherman or woman (according to the Macquarie "one who has a hearty appetite", probably from the big slab of wood - the trencher — slabs of meat were served on). Bar Mattino is BYO and there’s a fine bottle-o just up the road (Chippendale Cellars, 114 Abercrombie Street). It’s best to book — the roasts are so popular he runs them all through summer. Chef David Pegrum is also bunging on roasts at Forbes & Burton (252 Forbes Street, Darlinghurst, Ph 9356 8788), with things like slow-cooked pork belly with braised cabbage, and slow-cooked meats with roasted veg — there’s even an organic veg roast for the vegos at $25 a head. But David is doing something else for cold climes: the frightfully fashionable fondue (drag out your old sets) using Emmenthaler and Gruyere cheese and wines served with all sorts of interesting sides such as jamón serrano, confit garlic and kipfler potatoes which is a terrific idea: fondue is fine for 5–10 minutes, then it does get a bit boring. $35 a head recommended, 2–6 fondlers.

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