No beefs with Rockpool Bar & Grill

June 2009

I finally got there a couple of weeks ago and have to add to the chorus of praise. What a room: art deco when it was real, soaring green marble columns with Egyptian capitals, dark leather everywhere, tables far enough apart that you can actually talk business. It’s a grown-up joint that reminded me of Chicago.

Except, of course, the beef is much better. Is it expensive? Yes. But if you steer away (sorry) from the overpriced mushy wagyu and stick to the grass-fed offerings, you’ll pay half as much for what I think is better beef. After a plate of mixed hams — Spanish and Italian, all superb —  I tucked into 350g of Cape Grim dry-aged 36-month-old rib-eye on the bone from Tasmania,
which was superbly cooked and tasted the way steak ought to but rarely (did it again) does. As for not being able to get a bottle of wine for under $100, tosh. There are plenty of good wines in the $30s and $40s.

And here’s the thing. It was Tuesday lunchtime in the heart of the financial district and it was 60 per cent full. What GFC?

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