New face in FivaDocka

March 2009

Long-term Sydney artisan baker David Cummings of Bowen Island has just opened a bakery café in the heart of Piccolo Italia (117 Great North Road, Ph 9712 8780), a hop, step and a jump from Ranieri, our favourite Italian Deli in an old Gloria Jean site that went belly up (cheering allowed). “It’s real foodie territory,” said David. “It’s a statement that there are five butchers within walking distance of where we are. But you couldn’t buy a wholemeal loaf to save your life.” And David will be selling just that — wholemeal, sourdough, soda bread, everything from Bowan Island’s  bakery at Gladesville. At the moment. He has also found a factory in Chatswood, which will mean a bigger bakery that will also have a café.

But there’s stiff bread competition at Five Dock: Pan D’Oro just down the Road and Cassaniti Bakery at Haberfield continue pouring out great Italian white bread loaves. Let’s see if David can get the locals chewing on wholemeal.

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