Masterchef debate

August 2009

I can’t let this column go out with a comment on this phenomenon, which I admit to watching only once. For 10 minutes. Why? Two reasons. First, the time I did watch it I quickly sussed it wasn’t about food — it was Big Brother in the kitchen. Food, to me, isn’t about competition; it’s about sharing. But I’m just a woos. Two, when it’s on, I’m usually cooking. “Oh,” everyone says, “at least it got the kids cooking.” Yeah? I’ll believe it when I see it. A friend told me it had a terrific effect on her husband. “He’s really interested in how food is plated now.” Mmm. And there was a really good reason I didn’t watch on the night the runner-up got evicted, er sorry, lost. There was a tremendous Attenborough doco about herrings and whales and sea lions. If you saw it you know what I mean. I cooked early that night.

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