Letter from working girls

December 2009

Some of you may have seen Wellbeing Organic Garden, which came out in November (the rest of you go get a copy right now — I’ll wait). In it there’s a very good story about keeping chooks, turkeys, ducks and geese to help out in the garden. Well, some chooks belonging to a friend of mine read the story and sent me the following letter, which I pass on without comment:

Dear John,
My name is Emu (previously Chelsea Rose Rebecca) and the dominant male that looks after us, Duncan, gave me your email address.
 My fellow hens, Dora, Nell and Rainbow, feel that we are part of an ever-growing army of productive pets who grace the urban areas of Sydney and Wollongong and we deserve some recognition. In our own suburb, Stanwell Park, we have been at the vanguard of an explosion in home-based primary production. We keep a high standard.
Very few humans who keep our fellow fowl for eggs can stomach one from a supermarket after consuming the golden yolks produced at home.
 I felt compelled to write as I heard about some new productive pets in Paddington. Moreover, their owners are taking them on holiday at Christmas time! Their owners have a holiday house at Killcare and the chooks are going there for a month over Christmas.
It’s all gone completely mad and possibly you’re to blame. All this “buy local” stuff  is taking off. There’s nothing unique about us any more.
Chooks in Paddington — give us a break.
Kind regards

End of letter. Chooks all over Sydney it seems — but no roosters. Too noisy.

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