It’s weird out there

April 2009

Almost daily, we get news of two things: new places opening and old places offering “credit-crunch” or “recession-busting” meals (see below). Who knows what’s going on? No, we don’t have a recession ... well, maybe we do ... yes, we do have a recession. OH MY GOD, THE SKY IS FALLING IN! No it’s not. What’s a punter who likes to eat to do? Don’t give up. It does tend to keep you breathing. Stay in a bit more and brush up on your cooking (and dishwashing) skills. But don’t give up on your favourite eating spots. They need you.

Who’s doing well out of these testing times? Butchers are rubbing their hands together. One told me recently that one of his customers who has been turning up a lot more lately said to him, “We’re going to be eating out a bit less for a while.” “And how many times a week did you eat out before?” he asked. “Four to five times a week.”

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