It’s out and proud

January 2009

And the 2009 edition of Sydney Eats is, even if I say so myself, worth the extra wait. We had fun on the cover with a crazy hat (we don’t give them — we shoot them) from crazy Annandale milliner Sandie Bizys on gorgeous model Hedvig Molin, the whole thing photographed by Cath Muscat and styled and art-directed by our very own Kate Podger. And that’s just the cover.

When you get inside you’ll find that Burlington Bar & Dining Room won the Bent Fork and Chat Thai the Clean Plate. And we note that we seem to be in another dining revolution: the tiny plates have taken over from the three-course shuffle. Although, as a colleague reported recently, this can go too far, with one well-known chef offering minuscule portions at his new entry: “A beetroot salad of six matchsticks of beetroot was OK by me but I wonder what a big hungry bloke would say,” she mused. Maybe that’s the way of the economic downturn: less food on the plate.

But there are plenty of places offering hearty as well as smarty fare inside:
and, remember: if they’re good enough to go in the book, they’re good enough for you to go there.

While we’re on Sydney Eats, keep your eye on the  website. This year we’re planning on adding new places as they open rather than waiting for the hard copy edition to come out. We’ll keep you posted.

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