Heavenly dips

October 2010

Many years ago, a dippy young Englishman walked into my office at an advertising agency and persuaded me to hire him as an art director. Wisely, he left that world and married a clever woman who had a catering business. Now Steve Ingram and Anmarie Dabinet run Paradise Beach Purveyors, who make dip so good you can use them in recipes — if they last that long in the fridge. Number 2 Daughter is a dipsomaniac and scoffed up the caramelised onion swirl before I got a cracker anywhere near it. “It’s like a posh version of a French onion dip,” she said wiping her lips. She’s right. The thing about these dips, unlike much of the glug masquerading under the name in supermarkets and delis, is they’re made with real and good ingredients. And when you go to the website, beat the kids to the fridge. www.paradisebeach.ws

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