Grass or grain?

June 2008

Grass or grain? We last mentioned MUMU Grill, Craig Macindoe's new steakhouse (70-76 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, Ph 9460 6877), the only one in the country specialising in grass-fed beef,  in the March column. The reason he gets another guernsey is a very interesting lunch recently held there. Fifteen people including farmers, smallgoods makers and freeloaders (your humble columnist included) sat down to four courses of beef with two plates for each course: one using a grass- or pasture-fed animal, the other a grain- or lot-fed animal. We had to guess which was which and announce our preferences. No prizes for guessing that preferences ran around 70 to 30 in favour of grass, but what was interesting was that most people picked the grass-fed sample each time. I would have got four out of four but for a dispute over a mixed-up plate (I wuz robbed), but smallgoods maker and butcher Pino Tomini-Foresti scored four, as did Sarah and Peter Clay of Taralga Springs who supplied the grass-fed beef. As with all other such tests, it was obvious to my palate that as well as being better for the environment and our health, grass-fed beef tastes better. Let's get that rubbery feed-lot beef off the menu.

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