Good Evans

February 2009

New York magazine has fallen in love with “hunky Australian chef, TV personality and outdoorsman, Peter Evans”. One recent story covered his quest to find a New York outlet for Hugo’s Bar Pizza which, they tell their readers, is “the pie lounge that he keeps in the grungy Kings Cross district of Sydney”, and reminded them that his was judged world’s best pizza in the New York Pizza Challenge a couple of years ago. Next issue featured a day in the New York life of Evans, detailing every mouthful he took for a week, centrepiece being 17 courses at Thomas Keller’s Per Se (remember that expression “I’m not interested in Kafka per se” … eeeeuw!), a whole loaf of (unethical) foie gras with baked kumquats and an intriguing-sounding fennel and bottarga soup. I remember Evans telling me how for him the secret of success is attention to detail and how, in the days of the old Bondi Beach Hugo’s, he’d make sure the breakfast toast was buttered “right to the edges”. Hope he finds good rooms.

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