FroYo Fad?

July 2009

Must admit this one almost passed us by, but here’s what’s happening. According to Number One Daughter, who was studying in New York last year, FroYo is huge there — the biggest deal being someplace called Pinkberry with franchises all over. It’s low-fat and full of fruit and cultures — it may be the closest to culture that many will ever come. And now it’s here. At Wowcow (304 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst and Igloozoo (101 Hall Street, Bondi Beach & 46A Macleay Street, Potts Point Anyhoo, we’re going to wait until summer to have a go at pomegranate superchilled yoghurt from Iglooozoo and the “almighty WOW BUNS” — froyo dessert burgers from Wowcow.

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