Food trucks rev their engines in Sydney

January 2012

My eldest daughter has just come back from Kerouacing around America and her constant refrain is “When is Australia going to catch up?” Well, we just have. At least with food trucks. She’s a great exponent of the “awesome” food trucks in New York — all over — and in January the city of Sydney announced 10 winners of tenders from 30 restaurateurs and caterers across Sydney for our very own awesome food trucks. I’d argue we’ve had at least one food truck since 1945: Harry’s Café de Wheels — even if someone did pinch the wheels. And the winners are ...
Agape: with organic pizzas
Al Carbon: soft tacos — the only proper sort
Bite-Sized Delights: Pastizzi
Burger Theory: An Adelaide food truck company serving — guess?
Cantina Mobil: Tacos, nachos — more Mex (pictured below)
Eat Art Truck: ProgOz from ex-Tets chef Stuart McGill
Let’s Do Yum Cha: Gow gee, steamed buns etc
Taco Truck: A Mexican from Melbourne (aren’t they all?)
Tsuru: Mod Asian (pictured above)
Veggie Patch: Tofu burgers and other vego delights

Apart from the preponderance of Mex and the total lack of Spanish — it would seem to me that a tapas truck would be a natural — it’s not a bad selection and obviously it’s going to go right off. We’ll probably have food truck traffic jams soon. Move over Mr Whippy.

And when you do eat off the back of one of these roving restaurants, be sure to follow these etiquette tips from my daughter’s blog:

“Food truck rules: Be polite to your food truck server. Wait patiently for your meal. Do not start arguments or fights near the food truck. Try polite chit chat with your waiting neighbours. Hey, you might make a friend. When you have consumed your tasty treat, place the leftover containers and cutlery in the appropriate garbage disposal units. Sydney is not known for its coolness; they do not like mess and they are somewhat anal about hygiene. So don’t give them an excuse to trash this whole idea in the ‘messes up our pretty city’ bin.”


By John Newton

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Food trucks Sydney
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