Food News November 2010

November 2010

Phew, it’s over: I’m talking about the Sydney International Food Fair, which I’m sure claimed a few of your dollars this month if you live in or even near Sydney. I’m writing this column with a teeny bit of a hangover from last night’s Ethics of Eating Symposium Dinner at Jared Ingersoll’s first restaurant, Danks Street Depot (12 Danks Street, Waterloo Ph 9698 2201). The food was terrific from the little green plums to the sensational beef from Kerry Marshall, both as brawn and slices of rare sirloin, and isn’t it a long time since you’ve seen brawn on the table?

As an interesting idea, Jared invited a bunch of experts in their field, some as disparate as anti-GM campaigner Dr Maarten Stapper and pro-GM campaigner Dr TJ Higgins of the CSIRO, organic winemaker and National Party member David Lowe and his partner and 2009 Country Woman of the year Kim Currie, David Mason of Hawkesbury Harvest and Claire Parfitt and Laura Kelly from Greenpeace, among many others. As Jared explained to us, there’d be no speeches, just as in the good old Greek days much eating and drinking and talking. There was that with bottles of Mr Lowe’s wines and carafes of natural wine on the table. Did we solve any problems? I can’t remember.

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