April 2010

Call me a cynic, but the recent announcement of a way overdue $40 million upgrade for the Sydney Fish Market by Verity Firth, the member for Balmain, smells not so much of fish as of fishing for votes. Balmain is a seat hanging on a knife edge. Be that as it may, it’s good news for the smelly old Fish Market. They’re not moving it, they’re not dumping it, they’re fixing it. To quote from the release:

The Sydney Fish Market redevelopment will deliver:
- A new boardwalk across the water frontage of the site, new parkland, outdoor dining and public foreshore access
- Redesigned buildings, car parks, landscaping, sea wall improvements
- Measures to reduce odour, wastewater, stormwater and drainage impacts
- An increase in wholesale and retail space

Now let’s see if they begin work before the election …

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