Ferran does froth

June 2009

When I interviewed Ferran Adrià at his workshop in Barcelona in 2001, the first thing he showed me with some pride was the new el Bulli T-shirt. “How do you like this?” he asked, indicating his black T-shirt with the ghostly bulldog logo emblazoned on it. “Our first item of clothing.” It soon became obvious to me that merchandising was a big part of the business: apart from the T, there were plates, the famous foam siphon, cookware and now a beer. Called Inedit (which, I think, is French for a new way to do something), it’s described as: “A unique coupage of barley malt and wheat with hops, coriander, liquorice, yeast and water. After bottling and capping, a secondary fermentation occurs, leading to a more complex product.” Reckon he might have sunk a couple of Coopers ales when he was here? Wonder if we’ll get it here — though at AU$38.50 for a 75mL bottle, it might be a bit too complex. Personally, I’d rather get stuck into the James Squire limited-release Hop Thief Ale, made to coincide with the Australian hops season and a superb drop: floral, spicy, with a terrific balance of sweet and bitter — and at around $18.99 a six-pack, way cheaper than the Bulli beer. Top that, Ferran.

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